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FS (from a friend)

Given all the good press I'm giving the Comp T/A VR4's,
a friend at work is selling his. He just updgraded his WMB 5M
from 16" to 17" wheels. If anyone needs some Audi-usable 16"
tires, these are a good deal.

         B.F. Goodrich Comp T/A VR4 tires

         all-season V-rated tires (4) for sale!

         size:     225/50x16"

         tread:    8/32" - 9/32" tread remaining
                   I called NTW and was informed this tire
                   has 10/32" tread when new.

                   the tire has a wear rating of 340 (40K)

         reason:   my current vehicle doesn't have 16" wheels

         price:    BRO (best reasonable offer!)

         contact:  plapine@evms.enet.dec.com (Peter LaPine)


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