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'87 5KCSTQ 4sale in RI and Franco Vari-cam

Hi Gang,

	This was in last Sunday's Providence Journal:

		AUDI: 1987, 5000 CS Quattro,
		loaded, well maintained, have
		receipts, $3900/best. 737-5441.

I called the guy last night, seems like a young fellow, getting married, future
wife has a adnoH sedan, doesn't want two sedans, wants to get a pickup truck...
He doesn't appear to know much about these cars; let's his mechanic do all the
work. It has some of the usual maladies: from his discription the PA sounds
shot, drivers side heated seat is out, passenger side chair has bad back of
seat up/down motor. I haven't seen the car; owner says it's gold w/ gold
leather and has 118K miles; he's had it for a year and it's fast, but he knows
nothing about aftermarket chips and springs. Geez, either he bought this car
with the upgrades already installed, or his idea of fast and my own are quite

	I have no interest in this car, but I'll look at it if anyone else is
interested. BTW, the area code here in Rhode Island is 401...

							Happy motoring,


P.S. Also talked to George Franco at Franco Industries yesterday; he still make
his Vari-cam gear. In fact claims it's improved and upgraded; what'd ya expect
him to say. Anyways, he says it is fine in the turbos, but where it really
shines is in the NA engines where there is so little that can be done to
upgrade performance. He admits that there have been some failures, none
catastrophic, just people failing to do the maintainance every six months.
Apparently the gear must be pulled, cleaned and lubed every six months. This
would appear to be the only down side. I do not remember the retard/advance
specs. they change from car model to car model according to Mr. Franco, but he
is sending me all his tech. data. I mentioned to him that his vari-cam had been
tlked about in a thread on bumping valve timing here on the list. Again, I have
no interest in Franco Industries; I'm just passin' this on to the group. I'm
just lazy enough that I'm not sure I want to have to pull, clean, lube and
reinstall a cam gear every six months, but then again it is much easier to
hop-up the turbos.

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