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20v bump to 2.5L / extrude hone

    I am still (geez, doesn't this guy ever get a clue?) deciding what 
car to trade in me 100 Q for.. I am pretty set on getting a 200TQ, then  
putting in the IA stage I chip. Then I wonder the feasablility of the 
2.5liter conversion, and getting it extrude honed. ? It would sound like 
this would make it pretty fast.
   Then, I was hit with the idea to do the 2.5L conversion and extrude 
hone to a 20v coupe Q. What kind of performance could I expect from this? 
How much would it cost? I assume you can do this to a 20v, but I am not 

If anyone could give me a comparison bewteeen the two ideas, HP 
estimates, $ estimates, I would be one happy camper. 

Thanks in advance,

Brooks " now a 20v TURBO with those mods..! (I need a better job..:( ))"