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Turbo Blowby

Quattro List,

I have just been added to the list.  I needed a support group like this 4 years 
ago, when I purchased my first Audi, '86 5KCST.  I have since purchased my 
second, '87 5KCSTQ.  I loved both cars, but the Quattro addition is just 
amazing.  I now have 123K on this quattro.  I don't want to get rid of the car 
until the price of a used S4 is in my budget ( I test drove one and fell in 
love with 227HP).  As you may have guessed I have already replaced quite a few 
items.  I am getting ready to replace all four wheel bearings ( I purchased the 
Schley bearing tool, $288).  I got the bearings from Rod at Import Parts 
Connection, they are made by SKF and costs $39 each.  This is still much 
cheaper than the dealer.
Recently, I have noticed that when I start the car in the morning a big puff of 
white smoke pours out of the exhaust pipe, but then stops quickly.  There is 
not any smoke coming from the exhaust while I drive.  I have also noticed that 
it is beginning to slightly burn oil.  I have checked the compression and have 
found it to be acceptable (128-135psi/cylinder).  I am thinking that it may be 
the valve stem seals letting oil leak from the head, down the stem and into the 
As I was reading the mail listing, someone mentioned that a problem area with 
my year car is "turbo blowby", I am not sure what that is, but I am guessing 
that means that the oil seals in the turbo are going bad and oil is being 
pushed from the turbo along with the pressurized air through the intercooler 
and into the intake manifold.
Could this be the source of my oil burning?  Has anyone else experienced these 

Thanks in Advance