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         I beleve there were around 500 TQCs imported to the US, so they are ve
ry rare.  They were sold here between 1983 and 1985 (I believe).  '83 is probab
ly the most common year, and '85 is probably the most desirable.  The options w
ere pretty limited, but the cars came pretty loaded...leather was an option, bu
t I think almost all of them have leather, but that's about it.  I think they a
ll had sunroofs too.  Some of them have been modified.  There are performance c
hips available, as well as, perf exhaust, suspension upgrades, etc.  But, it is
 good to just find a nice "origonal" one, and upgrade it yourself.  Maintenance
 is a key issue when buying one of these.

          Good sources for finding a TQC are:  KAR (Kent Anderson Resources) at
 1-800-KAR-6177, in MN.  Ask for Kent Anderson.  They specialize in locating qu
attros and provide transportation.  Also try AutoSport in Burlington, VT.  They
 are a dealer that specializes in pre-owned quattros  The number is 1-800-639-
3144.  And, Sport Wheels in Glenwood Springs, CO.  They are a shop that works o
n and makes/builds performance parts for Audis.  They specialize in TQCs and re
store them too.  Thier number is (303) 945-2708.  Ask for John Beckius.  He kno
ws a lot about these cars and can probably either find you one, or tell you wha
t things to look for (i.e. problem areas) when purchasing a TQC.

          I hope this helped and good luck with the search!  It seems like ther
e are a plentitude of them in Colorado.