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Re: pre-lube prior to first time startup

Can't really help you with your problem, but if you want to get the oil
thru the engine quicker make sure you fill the oil filter with oil before 
putting it on the block.  This is good practice whenever you do an oil 
change.  It takes a while for the filter to fill up.

On Tue, 10 Oct 1995, Dan Bocek wrote:

> I'm getting close to starting the engine of my RS2 equipped TQC!  But 
> before I do, I thought I'd ask how the list felt about prelubing an 
> engine prior to cranking for the first time.
> Since the oil pump on the 5 cylinder is driven directly by the crankshaft 
> (not like the distributor driven American V8's) I see know way of just 
> turning the oil pump without turning the engine.  So, what I did was take 
> the plugs out of the engine, filled the pan with fresh oil, disconnected 
> fuel and spark, and started cranking away.  Now the bad news - I never 
> saw any oil comming up through to the head.
> My thought is that the oil pump is not primed (the car has been sitting
> for over a year, so the oil sump is well and truely bone dry), so that all
> it's doing is sucking air.  Question is - how do I prime it??? 
> I had a few thoughts: 
> 1) Jack rear of car up and let oil flow towards 
> front of pan, where the oil pickup is.  
> 2) Pop off the turbo oil feed line and pour some oil into that.  Since
> this is close to the first place the oil goes once it comes out of the
> pump, hopefully some of it might flow into the pump, through the gears,
> and fill the oil pickup line in a reverse fashion. 
> 3) Overfill the pan with oil so the pickup point will be gauranteed to be 
> submerged, and thus primed.  Question is, how much oil would this take?  
> One would have to be very careful not to pour in too much oil, or the 
> pistons would "hydraulic" into the oil.
> Please, there have to be at least a few people on this list who have run
> up against this problem. Any thoughts, comments, or additional ideas are
> welcome.  Thanks! 
>                                                          Dan Bocek
>                                                          dan@di.com