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Re: running rich under boost

You should have a "rich" condition under boost becuz what you have done is
just disable the O2 circuit, and make a pre 1980 CIS system......   And that
system used the idle mixture setting as the reference for the WOT Fuel
enrich.....   Without the idle or O2 you  should have a lean condition at
idle (assuming you didn't change the mixture) and a rich condition at WOT
(about 65-85% depending on car), cuz the O2 adds fuel to the idle and part
throttle and is ignored for WOT.........  Now, you can get the car to run
this way, but what you lose is the midrange addition of the duty cycle of the
o2......  At WOT the O2 is not read by the computer anyway, so assuming you
are not putting some wild-ass gas eating turbo in your car(?), WOT, O2 or no,
should show a rich condition......   In other words, your car is acting
exactly the way it should given the conditions you put it in..............
    A good test for you folks that have tweeks is to set the idle rich with
no O2 circuit, and see if the manual CIS works bettrn the Lambda.....

O2 - naught for me

87 5ktqX2RS2X2