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Re: running rich under boost

In a message dated 95-10-05 17:52:47 EDT, you write:

>1V is full rich, but I didnt think you should see as low as .1v
Yes, this is the range of all Lambda sensors since 1980
>> I've been getting a "running rich" kind of smell from my
>> car when running hard. Today I hooked up a portable
>> scope to the OXS & went for a drive. The CIS is doing its
>> thing, flipping between 0.1 & 1V at idle and cruising, but
A scope will give you  real time, not an average, and in real time that
sucker jumps all over the place, I would suggest the $40 Cyberdyne Air/Fuel
guage and put that in the car.....  It's pretty accurate, NJT
>I believe you are supposed to see rich conditions under boost, but not 
>sure of the numbers.  Be sure to use a high impedence meter to measure 
>O2, or it can screw up th