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Re: BE CAREFUL!, getting even?

Greetings Tom, fellow Q-heads,

> >While eastbbound on the
> >NYS Thruway this past Wednesday, a tractor-trailer took exception to my car
> >('88 5000tq) occupying space in front of him on the interstate.  So he starts
> >flashing his high-beams, starts to pass, pulls up along side, then chooses
> >to merge while still along side my car, forcing me onto the shoulder.
> >Weeeee.
> >Any suggestions on how to deal with such situations?  

> Just don't let 'em pass you........I was heading westbound on the Mass Pike
> and a truck was riding my ass real close......I got him on an uphill.....
> forced him down to 30mph (fully loaded) and then took off...... as long as
> you're infront of them, they won't do anything.....just don't get the urge
> for sudden braking....I toggled between resume and coast on my cruise......
> the worst place to be is beside those jerks......or, if you have time, just
> the trucker until he stops, and mace his ass.....he'll never harass anyone 
> again...

(ahem...) Tom, old rutabega, the question was "What TO do," not "what *NEVER* to

Tom, old kumquat, Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart doesn't want to say anything that 
could be construed as an actual "flame," but alas, it is so difficult to find  
polite words to convey strongly enough how seriously stupi... er, "Flawed" this 
bit of adice is.  We all know yer jest funnin', but some poor newbie might read 
this and think you wuz serious...

There are plenty of truckers out there who, given the opportunity and the 
provocation (which you so kindly suggest), will punt yer little ass and all you 
hold dear clear into next tuesday with said truck.  Your advice is tantamount to
"russian roulette."  You may get away with it a time or three...

And I'd give serious consideration to sitting down and having a chat with a 
law-enforcement officer or two (from an inner-city precinct, not a donut-dollie,
revenue-agent), about the efficacy  of spraying "Mace" into the face of an 
enraged assailant.  Could save you some *serious* medical bills...

And besides, if a truck's on yer ass, it's just mother nature's way of telling 
you that yer drivin like a wuss in the first place; speed up or get over.