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Re: Audi A4 Performance - T.A.P.

Earlier, Mike White wrote:
> > I just talked to someone at Total Performance by Audi and they 
> > indicated they will have a software program to upgrade the performance 
> > of the A4 sometime in January.  There has not been a chip used with the 
> > 2.8l V6 since 1993, so they use a software program.  They believe it 
> > will increase the HP by about 20.  Thought future A4 owners would be 
> > interested.
> Interesting.  Couldn't this software upgrade go across the board to 
> all applications of the 2.8 engine?  (A6, VW VR6's?)  Or does the A4 
> incorporate the engine differently?
If you are talking about Total Audi Performance - in Florida, I'd strongly
suggest you leave them alone.

Last year I bought their computer modification kit, that was advertised
as having a modified EPROM chip etc, etc.

To make a long story real short, when it didn't work right my investigation 
found that the chip they put in was IDENTICAL to the stock MAC-10 chip that
came out.  I can send you the data read out of the chip if you like.
Also, looking at a MAC-11 ECU they "modified", the EPROM chip had their sticker
but had never been desoldered - and under the sticky label it was a stock
MAC-11 EPROM chip ... I sure don't know how to rewrite an EPROM without
ever desoldering it and removing it from the board  :-)

The only modifications I could find in either ECU was the zener diode and 
resistor put into the presure sensor output circuit, to clamp the output 
voltage from the pressure sensor - so the computer will never see overboost.

After six months of screwing around and never getting a modified ECU from them
that worked right, they did restore mine to stock but refused to refund my

Now, whether that has any bearing on what they say about the V6, is anybody's
guess - but if you believe it, I want to talk to you about this bridge
I have for sale.

    - Charlie

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