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Re: Amsoil

In a message dated 95-10-10 01:19:56 EDT, you write:

>> Yes, I just signed up as a dealer two weeks ago, so I have a vested
>I don't mind when people mentions something in replies, but I think this 
>is going little bit too far. FOr one thing, this list exists for the sake 
>of Audi automobiles, and not a place for free advertising of service or 
>products. I thought one of the reasons the people on the list agreed to 
>have the list not becoming a public news group is that we don't get any 
>so-called "junks" posted. And I'm having this nagging feeling that some 
>people are just getting a bit too granted about this list group and 
>forgetting its original purpose.

I agree with you.  However, in this case I've been recommending the products
and thought I should mention that I do have a slight vested interest, and
wanted that out in the open.  I won't do any sales jobs or try to sign up
dealers, etc.  I became a dealer again mostly so I could buy the products at
cost, not to get rich.  (I play the Lotto for that!)
In my original post I mentioned that I would answer questions if people had
them, since many folks seemed in the dark about Amsoil.  I will still gladly
do so, but let's leave it at that.