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Jim Griffin, I agree with you 100 %.
1)  I have three Audi(s) and I have received great info. from
many of out there and I hope I have given something back.  As a
former McLaren formula 1 mechanic and since I do most of the work
myself on my cars, frankly I enjoy putting my three pence worth
in, whether it is simply replacing brake pads of changing an
engine over.

2)  If there was not an exchange of info. back and forth, what is
the point of this group?  I already know how great my audi are,
that is why I have three of them.

3)  Info. such as "quality of engine oil, etc." is important.  My
experience has been that most part people at dealerships would
know a good engine of gear oil from a can of maiden's ******.

4)  However, I agree, 100% with doing everything possible to keep
the salesman out.  

5)  Finally, I think this is a great group and I wish to thank
those responsible for its up.   

If anyone wishes to talk to directly, you can reach me at:

Off. (301) 415-2876 or a t home, (301) 972-7786.