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86 4000csq for sale

I'm letting this one go in the hopes of purchasing a turbo quattro model in 
the near future.  The car is a treat but under powered for my tastes and 
the cost of adding power is a little extreme for me.  I don't have the moxy 
to drop the turbo motor in myself so I think its best I just go buy one... 
 Here it is , if this is not an appropriate use of the list I apologize in 
advance (please no flaming).

86 4000csq 156K red with brown cloth
no trip computer or heated seats
I'm the third owner and have all receipts form second owner.
I've had the car for almost a year and in that time have replaced a few 
new master cylinder
front wheel bearings
front breaks (rotors not replaced)
front struts (boge)
all fuel injectors
fuel pump relay
lower control arm on drivers side.

Bad news - drivers side fender needs replacement (my fault) -
I can supply the new fender if requested.  I have a source for factory 
metal at a very reasonable price.  It needs paint and some minor rust 
repair.  The underbody is completely clean.  It is in very good shape for a 
MN car of its vintage.  Interior needs a good cleaning (which I'll do soon) 
but is in good shape, no rips etc, no dash imperfections, etc.  The car 
runs very well.  It has two noisy lifters that could be replaced.  I would 
like to sell the car to a fellow audi/vw addict - only we completely 
appreciate these unique creations.

Taking reasonable offers.  I know some of you have found the $100 specials 
but sorry, I can't afford that...