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Re: A8 everywhere but US?

> On the same island, you can buy ANY commerical (U.S.) software easily for 
> under $30 -- providing that you find the "people" (which is quite easy). 
> Pirated audio cassettes and videos are everywhere (and they're becoming 
> so big that they're beginning to do CDs and LDs).

How about $6 for Windows 95, Office 7.0 Project, Visual basic, Visual C++
and a bunch of other stuff all on the same CD readily available in Beijing
(the same trip I saw Audi 100's on). Audio CD's were going for $2 each
and all the latest releases were available.

Gee I wonder if they make '91 200 TQW 20v knock off's over there too?

Gratuitous Audi content....

My '86 5K wagon seems to have now finally started its slow decent into
maintenance headaches. (I'm the original owner.) Other than the usual
hydraulic pump, etc., now things like the cruise control vacuum pump and
lines are leaking, the rear wiper doesn't work, some of the rear defroster
lines are open, trim pieces on the doors are coming off. Just little
annoying things. I seem to have made the right sacrfifices to the Audi
gods over the life of the car such that nothing major has happened other
than hydraulic pump. I hope they remain satisfied.

Bob Kunz