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What is this costing me?/Best/cheapest way

Fellow Audiphiles:

I am fairly new to this world of on-line computing and new to this group (and
some would say definitely not shy, due to the nature and number of responses
I have given), so I would like, if possible, to get some feedback re: what is
the best way to read all this mail? It takes me at least an hour each time
(day?) to do so, and boy, will that be expensive or what? Should I do it as a
digest?(digest readers, please comment!) Is there any way for me to download
it and read it all off-line? I really enjoy this group, and am glad I found
other Audiphiles, but I'm afraid that this is costing me a small fortune!
Perhaps that is what it takes, but please, let me know what I am getting
myself into, and if there is any way to cut down expenses.

Also, is there any extra charge for this subscription, other than racking up
hours (at $3.00 per hour) on AOL? 

I would greatly appreciate ANY feedback.

Thanks in advance!

Jim  (aka Rookie? Naive? etc...)  jgriffj@aol.com