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Re: '95 A6's CD Player

Re:  '95 A6's CD Player

<My cd player died suddenly while driving the car.  It was dead, no music 
>or even letting the cartridge out of the player itself!  The next day I 
>started the car and the cd player was working,  but I took it to the AUDI 
>dealer from which I bought the car.  They couldn't find anything wrong 
>with the player since it was working at the time.  Now yesterday the damn 
>thing broke down again while driving the car.  Can anyone help me with my 
>rather anoying problem ?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Audi gremlins,  the phrase "could not
duplicate" will ring in your ears until your car finally decides to be nice
to you.  Over the years I've had various weird goings on with my '86 4kcsq
which usually pop up and then go away, nothing extreme.   During the first
year the gremlins were particularly mischevious, but they settled down.  One
of their first greetings to me was causing my gauges to go completely out...
twice, dealer "could not duplicate", problem never happened again...ever.

So, sorry no help for your cd problem.  But, maybe a help in making friends
with your newly acquired gremlin buddies.  You also know that cars can sense
when you're bringing them to the dealer,  it's amazing how it cures itself.  

If it happens again, try to fool the car and go immediately to the dealer
(ouch, I hate to say that word).