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Power Mirrors

Here is a little warning for anyone removing the
side-view mirrors off their Audi.

The power mirror motor in my Coupe burned out recently. I went 
to the auto-yard to find another and to practice "on their cars" ;-)
I discovered that it was easy to just pop off the side mirror and
expose the mirror motor. A simple flat screw driver did the trick.

I tried this on my '83 Coupe, but diaster struck! The same pressure
with the screw driver cracked the mirror! Infuriated, I just yanked it
out to discover a simple twist off tab.

Apparently, there are two side view mirror types.
Earlier cars have a rotating cover that is accessible from underneat the
mirror and newer cars with a pop off type.

For those who know this, there is no need to remind me (don't be childish).
For those who don't, don't fall pray to my mistake!

Lastly, it looks as if the mirror parts are manufactured in Holland, and
not one of OEM I recognize (Bosch, Faag, ATE, Girling ... )
Anyone know who it is?