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Re: Waxing/treating the paint on a new Audi

> As I'm about to take delivery on my new Audi, I thought someone out 
> there might know when it's OK to wax or treat the exterior paint the 
> first time.  I've heard that the paint needs to cure for a period of 
> time before doing anything.  Is this true?  Also, what have people 
> found to be the best products out there?  I've heard good things about 
> Zymol.  Any other recommendations?  Thanks!

Personally, I would give at least one month for curing paint on the new 
cars. During that period, the paint should be kept clean (and wash 
gently!) and no wax should be applied. The car should not be exposed to 
the harsh elements -- especially harsh sunlight (or snow and road-salt 
if you're living in places that do get those white fluff).

Although waxes shouldn't be applied in this period, it doesn't mean you 
can't apply anything. For example, Meguires' #3 (Machine Glaze) or #3 
(Showcar Glaze) can be used. These do not contain wax so it does not 
"seal" -- yet it may (or may not) give slightly more shine.

As for waxes, you have to experiement. Turtle wax (the basic green stuff) 
is the least impressive -- I couldn't tell any difference between applied 
and not. Meguire's Medallian is okay, but not impressive. Zymol (the 
cheap stuff -- $20 a bottle) outshines even Meguire's Medallian, but 
somewhat short-lived (need to apply approximately every two weeks).

I heard that cheap Zymol is not even made by Zymol -- just that it's 
sold under the Zymol name. Of course, real Zymol's cost a fortune and 
I'll be damned if I'm going to buy that for my 8-year old silly mobile. I 
also heard good rumors on Mother's and First Finish (or is that Finish 
First?), but personally I haven't tried neither of them.

As for washing the car, don't use pressurized water to spray the car at 
any stage of car wash -- except the under side of the car (and the wheel 
wells, blah blah blah), which is okay. Dry the car immediately especially 
if you got hard water. It's good idea to always wax the car after a car 
wash (uh... after that curing period, of course). If you got hard stuff 
that won't come off the car paint's finish, don't scrub! There are 
products that can be used after you dry the car.

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