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'93 V6

Tried to send this to Tom Lockwood as per the forwarded message on the
list, but it was returned, so maybe Bob can pick it up and get it to him.


I much prefer the '93 with the V6, the much larger trunk, much improved
body stiffness and chassis dynamics.  Really no comparison in my mind. 
There's much more power and it's very smooth.  Some complain about the lack
of power/torque, but I don't buy that, although the response is notably two
stage.  If you drive the V6 lightly, it has enough power, but is not
noticeably endowed with steroids. But if you stomp it, it snarls (quietly)
and goes like stink.  The 90S was the second quickest of the '93 Audis,
beat only by the S4 in 0-60 times.  Lighter than the quattro.  Still
handles great in the snow, and ice, with Blizzaks.

Of course, I've got one to sell in a couple of months (probably).  The wife
wants a new Chrysler van with our second kid arriving this past August. 
Hers is a 90S, gomera mica metallic (dark teal green) with ecru (ivory)
cloth interior.  Right now she has less than 19K on it and it even has a
second set of wheels and snows (Blizzaks) which we don't need now, having
moved from Denver to New Orleans.  It really is a great car.  But I've got
my '83 quattro coupe and a Crown Vic company car, so I can't justify
keeping it if she wants the van.  It comes off lease on Dec. 31st, if
you're interested in a trip to New Orleans.


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