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5 cyl turbo engine talk

Hello all,
I am knee deep in engines and other parts in my garage and am
proceeding on my way to installing an 89 200 turbo engine into the
83 TQC. In the last week I have learned some new information and
have a couple of questions for the collective:

I was talking to Mike G. the other evening and going over my plan
and he mentioned something about the flywheels from the TQC and
the 5000/200 TQ having the reference mark pin located in a different
place by 2 degrees. He wasn't 100% sure, but remembered
something like this. Has anyone heard anything like this before? I
plan on mounting the TQC flywheel to the 89 engine and if the ref
mark sensor is off by 2 degrees relative to the flywheel, I will have
the timing always retarded by 2 degrees(thats what mike thought).
Does anyone have a 5000 TQ flywheel out of a car now and maybe
take some measurements? Any info GREATLY appreciated.

I was off getting the flywheel resurfaced and the flywheel/clutch
package balanced and the balancing expert said that with Audi
5 cylinder engines you can't just balance the flywheel by it self.
The entire rotating mass(harmonic damper/crank/rods/pistons/
flywheel/clutch/pressure plate) gets balanced as a unit. In my
case the flywheel is from and 83 engine and is going onto an 89
engine which was originally an automatic with no flywheel. Can
anybody add any additional information to this.  Does anyone
have any data about how well a stock Audi engine is balanced?

Has anyone heard of anybody grafting the later model turbo engine,
harness and electronics into an early TQC? Please let me know if
you have. I only know of 1 other car which has installed the later wiring
and ECU.

I was at the dealer today and going over my weekly parts purchase
and he brought up the 87 TQC on the computer, specifically the cooling
system layout. Pretty interesting how the aux coolant pump is integrated
into cooling system so the H2O cooled turbo can be cooled down.
Similar, but different than the way the 5000s are hooked up. He even
printed out the diagram for future reference.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com