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Re: Fri the 13th!! Thanks!

Hi there Q-philes,

My rapid blinker problem is solved!  It was caused by not one, but
TWO things...  1. The filament in the NEW bulb was not quite up to
par.  I put in another new one and it worked.  But then I tapped
on the turn signal with my hand a few times and it quit... tap it
again and voila... SO, I took it apart and noticed that one of the
wires going into the bulb socket was very loose -I cleaned it out
and got it nice & snug once again and everything is working fine! 
:)   I still think I have a loose ground somewhere though....  not
associated with the signals, but lurking somewhere else.  Every
once in a while after getting out of the car I touch my door
pillar (or door) and get the shinola shocked outta me!  ;)  haha  I
used to do it a while ago, then quit for almost a year and now as
they said in Poltergeist, "THEY'RE HEREEEEE!"   The gremlins have
returned!  ;)  haha..  Oh well...

Thanks to everyone that replied with the great suggestions! :) 
What a great bunch!


'87 4kCSQ (now able to take slower turns -thank god  ;)
-and the other cars