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Tune up

Hi Y'all,

I am a bit reluctant to admit how ignorant I am.  Y'see I bought myself a
set of new plugs for my '89 200TQ with the idea that it was a simple job to
disconnect a plug wire, unscrew the old plug, screw in the new one and
reattach the wire.  What the hey, I've done that many times in my ancient
past.  Nothin' to it.  Right?  Heck, there's no reason to pay someone to do
that.   Humph.  Little did I know.  I find that there is some sort of shield
around the entire plug and that I haven't a clue as to how to remove it to
get to the plugs.  Duh.

A little help, please?  What is the proper incantation?

While we are on this subject, is there anything special I should know about
replacing the distributor cap and rotor?  Does that require some sort of
incantation also?

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