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TQC Euro Light Install Q's

I got my Euro lights in the mail last night,
(Thanks Eric!) and decided to slap them in.
I ended up taking off the entire front facia
and the bumper to get to the last pair of screws,
but that's not what the post is about.  Mechanically
they are in fine. Electrically things are a bit wierd.

1.)	The low beams are very yellow and seem to have little
	voltage, but the high beam indicator comes on

2.)	The high beams are brilliant white, w/ indicator on.

I used the three contactor connector and left the two contact
one dangling.  I assumed this was correct.  I know I probably
have some lame connections in one circuit that account for the
voltage drop, and should install some remote relays asap, but
what's the deal with the high beam indicator?  Thanks in advance.

paul t-