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Re: 4kqs Rear Suspension Question

In a message dated 95-10-18 16:05:16 EDT, you write:

> SPAX kite =
>>lowers the car about an inch and alters the ride height.  This of course =
>>puts the suspension geometry out of (Audi) spec.  This worries me a =
>>Someone wrote a long explanation of ride height / bump steer in this BBS =
>>a while back that was basically correct.  Maybe you should check it out. =
>I read that explanation too, although having lived with a lowered '86 4kcsq
>for eight years I wouldn't have the car any other way.  If you enjoy a
>ride, which I would assume you do owning a Lotus, lowering the car turns it
>into a car that will out-corner just about anything.  
But could you do it without lowering your car as much as you did, I think so,
and in fact I know so, if you lowered the front of your car 1.5inches (see
below) you have a bump steer prollum, and that is just math, not a subjective
assessment.  There are many books and programs on suspensions out there,
spend the 15 bucks, do your homework, your kidneys will thank you, and your
car will reward you......
>I have the Fichel & Sachs Sport spring set with Bilstein shocks ( the medium
>stiff set).  It  lowered the front 1.5" and the rear 1",>>>>>  
 ..... Created bumpsteer, and that dredded ackerman effect, and if there are
not stress bars on it, multiply exponentially the respective prollums
 it is radical enough
>that I couldn't fit 15" rims on the front (although I've squeezed on some
>205/55/14 Yoko AVS Int. tires onto the stock rims).  The ride is harsher and
>rutted roads do rattle you around.  But, when I put the new suspension in
>car felt like it lost a few hundred pounds during cornering, much more agile
>and agressive.  My husbands '88 M5 didn't get the same cornering feel until
>the car got a stress bar in the engine compartment.  The car easily handles
>tight winding roads at twice the recommended speed and it is a ton of fun to
You could have all that plus a better ride had you done your homework
>Regarding worrying about putting it out of Audi specs, I feel it is a better
>handling car lowered. 

EXACTLY how much is the question and the math is the answer

 Some drawbacks are harsher ride (mine is probably
>harsher than what you are getting) which can lead to more rattles
>less clearance, and possibly harder to get chains on.  Although, last winter
>my q went through some pretty major storms on day trips to Tahoe on the Z
>rated fat tires...the car has never had chains on. This will change the feel
>of your car and it is worth thinking about the good and the bad aspects of
>this change.
>I hope this is some help for you.
I have a feeling STEADIRIC might have found this post b4 me......  Listen and
learn....  BTDT on what you did, more smiles could come from some better