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Re: TQC Euro Light Install Q's

Thanks for all the help, folks.  I got the lamps rewired and working
last evening, and they are great, even with wimpy 55/60w bulbs.
Linus is right that you swap the two facing wires.  I have a few 
more questions though (suprised?).  There is no bulb in the secondary
mounting hole in these lamps.  Anyone know what bulb # and function it
serves?  Someone talked about it as low beams yesterday, but optically
that looks unlikely ('course I was confused by optics in school).
Secondly, the orange corner lights are supposed to be on when?
I hooked up my previous corner lights, but they didn't light either :-} 

paul t-

>Once explainted to me as follows:  The electrical connector on the H4 bulb is
>the same as the hi/low light on a 2 light system--but of course the TQC in
>this country used the 4 light system.  And the 4 light system electrical
>connector (same physically) is electrically backward from the 2 light
>system--hence the Hella adapter.