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Rotten Egg odor/Catalytic converter

Fellow Audiphiles:

I've been noticing (and I'm sure the tollbooth attendants also) that when I
come to a stop after cruising along at 80 mph (wonderfully I might add) in my
'92 100S (2.8L V-6) and then stop at the tollbooth (ie. cruising then
decelerating/idling), I get that foul odor from the catalytic converter
telling me that excess fuel is being burned in there. This is usually the
only time (although a couple of other times when the car was fully loaded
with passengers, going up a steep driveway) that this happens.

Is this just because the car is "used to" pumping in "XXXX" amount of fuel on
the highway, and just can't expel it fast enough (through the stock exhaust)
by the time I come to a stop? (That's my logic, anyway.) It could be the
brand of gas, but I have used different ones, and still get the same
condition. The idiot lights (check engine lights, etc.) don't come on, so I
don't think that it is really a big problem (at this point), but what I am
wondering is will this cause me a big problem (aka big $$$$) in the future?
 Is all this unburned gas contributing to a converter meltdown? (It usually
does.) If so, what can I do? (Please, don't say slow down a mile before the

The only mods (at this point) to the engine so far is installing a
freer-flowing K&N filter.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem? And does anyone know how much a
converter would cost me (approx.)? Somehow, I have a feeling that it would be
a BIG offering to the Gods......

                    Jim Griffin
                     92 100S

"A ccelerate U nless D eath is I mminent