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Re: Audi A4 Power

>I just saw in a European magazine that a 200HP 20 valve version of the
>2.8 l. V6 will be available in the A4 next summer.  (Available in the
>A6 first and then the A8 after the A4) The bad news was no information
>on when and if it would be available in the US.  Just something else to
>drool over.

Just a quick question - unless my math is seriously off, it's impossible to
put 20 valves over 6 cylinders.  Any explanations, or should I just
continue my therapy?  :-)

Tom Sedens

'91 20V QC

Necronomicon II, Sin.Th.Sys
"Five to one,
 One to five,
 No one gets out here alive."
                        - Jim Morrison