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Oil Warning Light Comes On -Reply

Original Message from ScottB
>>> <ScottB2460@aol.com> 10/20/95 09:47pm >>>
I appreciate any advise someone can give on this topic.  As
reported by my wife about an hour ago, my 89 200TQ oil warning
light came on this morning, of course, she tells me now after
another day of driving around town.  The light in question is the
little oil can which illuminates along with the other icons.  It
happened just once today, for the first time since I have owned
the car, about one year.

I had my 105k service about 800 miles ago . . . <<<<

I am not sure this is any help, but.  I am not sure if I understand
the problem, but this is what happen to me not more then a couple
of days.  I had 15W40 in my engine,  The oil warning lamp would
go on when I accelerated, right at the shift points.  The alarm came
on every time the engine was right at the top of the rev point of
the gear.  After the engine warmed up though 60 -100C the oil
lamp stopped coming on.  After talking with my dad.  I changed
the oil.  After replacing the oil with Mobile Synthetic 5W30 the oil
alarm stopped going off.
Of course, I checked the oil and all those things before I changed
the oil, they all checked out fine.  However, I assume that the
engine was starving for oil when it had to pump the oil faster to
the top of the engine, and the oil was to thick to get up there quick

But of course if the oil alarm come on after you rev the engine,
while it is slowing down, then that I believe a more serious
problem with the oil pump.

I hope this help.

Jordan '82 4000S Diesel