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Re: Urgent 5K advise requested!

if you haven't bought this car check read this note & perform the tests on
all of the items. then call around & get prices to find out what each of 
the jobs will cost. DEALERS will screw you on parts prices!

> Test drove a 86 5K. The following problem was observed;
>  Fluid leak - 
> 1. The level in reservoir was low. (This reserivor is located 

this car suffers from what about 90% of all Owchies suffer from - 
some DA put non-pentosin fluid in the reservoir. you are probably leaking in
1 or more of the following  places - high pressure hose., power steering rack
power steering pump. (maybe more but those are common.)

> slightly to the right of center, viewed from the front, and close to 
> the fire-wall)
> 2. Brake fault light would be on until - - -
the brakes use positive pressure for assist - like 1700PSI.
when this reservoir runs dry you will be hard pressed to stop. (no pun intended)

> 3. When fluid was added, something called FHFs 6161, level would go 
> down about 1/8 inch in about 6 blocks of driving.

under normal operation the fluid should drop about 7/8 of an inch from a cold
start with hard brakes to ready-to-go. The reason for this is that the
pressure accumulator is collecting fluid. now if it drains & does not come back
thats a different story.

> 4. After driving it appeared that some of the fluid had leaked under 
> pressure from the top of the reservoir.
???? are the hoses ok
> 5. Could not see actual leak when car was parked and running.
> 6. Some slight groaning when turning the wheel when parked.

prices are approximations & assume that you buy the part & install it.

the pressure accumulator may be bad - $120 (rebuilt)
    to test:
	top off fluid. start the car and get to a down hill.
	shut off car & count how many times you can press the
	brake before it gets stiff (really stiff) 
	0 - 20 pa is bad.	

	another way to test is to top off the fluid and
	start the car,
	shut it off,
	wait 2 min,
	turn the key on (not started),
	wait 2 minutes -
	if the brake warning light comes on pa is bad.

the high pressure line may be bad   - $70  (rebuild)
    to test:
        have someone watch the lines to the pump.
	you don't have to move the car.
	start the car,
	Max the steering either way.
	if fluid drains all over the driver side of the eng compartment
	its probably leaking @ the check valve in the center of your 
	high pressure line.

the ps pump may be leaking - $40  (o-ring kit.)
    to test:
        have someone watch the lines to the pump.
	you don't have to move the car.
	start the car,
	Max the steering either way.
	if fluid spews from a crack in the center of the ps pump
	you need to replace the pump or get a seal kit. (not for the novice)

the ps rack may be leaking - $250  (rebuilt)
    to test:
	max the steering & look for leaks @ the ends of the rack.
> What is the possible problem?
if none of the other problems manifest themselves
> Is it a big buck item?

if you aren't mechanically inclined the labor on these things is intense and
may be costly. 

> Can I safely drive this adding fluid about 90 miles to get it to a 
> shop that I trust?
yeah but pentosin is 12.00 a litre & you MUST use pentosin only.
when the light comes on - you have about 1 inch before you need to add fluid
so - check the time it takes to drop to warning light is on level & double
it & add fluid religously - if you run it out your fu..ed both from a crash
ability & a mechanical problem side.
> Help! Help! Help!
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