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Re: 4kqs Rear Suspension response


You seem to imply that the reason my car is so low is that the springs are
cut, that is not the case. This is a stock set of Fichel & Sachs sport
springs. Sachs engineered three different suspensions for this car.  They
made a full race set, a rally set and a street sport set.  These are TUV
approved springs which means that they were approved
in Europe as engineered for and safe on this car.  

>Listen and learn....BTDT on what you did, more smiles could come from some
better research

>There are many books and programs on suspensions out there, spend the 15
bucks, do your homework, >your >kidneys will thank you, and your car will
reward you......

Eight years ago F & S was  the only company I could find that had any kind of
suspension mods for my car other than the stock garbage Audi sells.  NOT
being an engineer, I preferred to rely on the product of professional
engineers in Germany and I bought the F & S springs.

The amount the car is lowered is estimated.  The only bump steering I get is
when I hit a bad transition in the road on a curve at agressive speed.  The
car does a very slight hop but feels quite comfortable.  The car is very
predictable in its actions.  It slides very smoothly and predictably when
pushed beyond its limits.  A benefit of the front being lowered more is that
I actually get some oversteer ...much preferred to the usual plowing.

>EXACTLY how much is the question and the math is the answer

I was not replying to advocate exactly how much Ian should lower his car.
I was replying to tell him I thought the car was a far better handling car
lowered and stiffened.

This suspension has changed the car from an over weight snow car to a very
agressive and FUN car.  I have enjoyed this suspension for eight years, at
Seattle International Raceway, Laguna Seca and soon Sears Point.  If I hadn't
improved the suspension to where I could enjoy the car, maybe  the M3 I've
got on order would have been in my garage a year ago.

PILOT LIGHT ON (very small flame):
I have enjoyed the quattro list for the last year I've been on it.  During
that time I've posted my experiences to try to pass on what information I
have.  While responses are often very friendly,  I have seen the tone of the
group get less so over time (similar to the person who posted the apology
regarding the Dave Barry item).  It is responses like this one from you
(PDQSHIP) that make me question whether I wish to continue on this list.