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Re: Oil Warning Light Comes On

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I appreciate any advise someone can give on this topic.  As reported by my
wife about an hour ago, my 89 200TQ oil warning light came on this morning,
of course, she tells me now after another day of driving around town.  The
light in question is the little oil can which illuminates along with the
other icons.  It happened just once today, for the first time since I have
owned the car, about one year.

I had my 105k service about 800 miles ago and the brake fluid flush was done,
if that could play a role in this.  I checked the oil and the dipstick is
fine.  I just came back from checking out the car in my driveway.  It idles
at 8000RPM and the oil pressure gauge shows a tad over 2.0bar.  If I increase
RPM's, the oil pressure gague top out at 5.0 at 32000RPM.  If I take my foot
off the gas, RPM's go down to 8000 and oil pressure goes back to 2.0/2.1bar.
 Any suggestions on what I should check, or should I  not worry about it
until the warning light comes back. I appreciate any information.

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I seem to remember that this light is also used to indicate under/over filling
of the hydraulic oil (Pentosin) for the power steering/brakes. (I don't mean 
the brake fluid). So check the level of Pentosin in the cylindrical container 
near the firewall.

Nick Craft.