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TQC's Stainless Exhausts 4 Sale

Dear Quattro lovers,

I posted notice about 3 months ago about stainless steel exhaust systems I
was purchasing from Europe. I have ordered the center sections only without a
cat or a middle box. I have it on my car, and it makes a big difference in
sound and performance. I'm ordering 8 center sections and some s/s rear
mufflers. Two sets are spoken for, so if interested, please send a message.
The center section will run about $300 plus shipping which undercuts places
like Europart by $115.00. The muffler will run about $200 and has a flow
through design rather than a baffle system. Send a message soon, parts will
be here in Los Angeles  in late November.

Gary Hewson (310) 394-3362 H. (310) 226-7416 W