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Re: the state of audi (was Audi A4 Power

On Tue, 24 Oct 1995, Frederic Gittler wrote:

> Based on some information that I have correlated from several sources, I
> believe that the disappearance of a high-end, sports sedan from the US Audi
> range is only temporary.
> As everyone now knows, the 193HP 30 valve V6 will be introduced next year in
> Europe. The new A6 will be coming in 97, as well as a 265HP turbo 2.7 liter
> V6, hopefully both coming to the US quickly.

>From the looks of A4 I4 turbo, A6 4.2, RS2, and A8 (and various others 
that I didn't mention), the look is grim for U.S.

> Now, why is Audi not offering the 290HP V8 S6 in the US? May be the price:
> it is about 20%-25% more expensive than the 2.2 5 cylinder turbo. May be the
> gearbox: the only gearbox available for the car in Europe is the 6 speed,
> which has never been offered by Audi USA, allegedly due to the repair
> infrastructure that would be needed (as I was told.)

I don't think it's the price. Have you ever heard the would-be owners of 
Porsche turbo, BMW 8xx and/or MB 5xx/SL complain about the price? If Audi 
does not import those models soon, I will suspect U.S. buyers WILL 
respond to more expensive Audi in the future as they have on Subaru SVX 
($30,000 Subaru?) -- and that's bad.

I would agree on the repair network -- Audi cars are too complex for 
average car dealer to figure out.

As for A8 aluminum... well, since it's a low-production car, I think Audi 
can manage by selecting "special" dealers/bodyshops that will handle 

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