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Re: the state of audi (was Audi A4 Power

On 25 Oct 1995 glen.powell@smc.com wrote:

>   I think the lack of high-end Audis in the US is a function of our own
>   gummint, DOT, NHTSA, EPA, etc. If we didn't impose all these
>   ever-changing *&$#%)$'n regulations we'd have 'em here now!

ok, not bringing in the S2, RS2, 20V urQ we can blame the govt.

but how about the S4 avant? or the S4-V8?  those were perfectly
legit.   they almost did not bring in the golf VR6 for crying out
loud.. it took thousands of letters and faxes to make them see
the light of day.  unfortunately, the audi enthusiasts were too
thin in numbers.

>   I don't blame Audi for a second.....We brought this on ourselves.....

if porsche, ferrari, bmw, benz can all make high powered models legal
for US, i really cannot excuse them.  if it is really that bad they
should also think about hiring lobbyists to make em relax the rules.
the big 3 do it to their advantage.