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Re: 4000SQ: Control arm bushings

> From: Lynn Smith <lynn@dvcorp.com>
> Anyone care to enlighten me as to the symptons of bad control arm 

Mike's simple test:  place the car on stands, move the wheel in & out,
  and see if the arm moves.
Advanced test: separate the arm from the ball joint and remove the
  two bolts that hold the arm to the body. If the metal pipe in the center
  of the bushing falls out, it is bad.

Here is how I replaced the bushing:
 - The bushing is two metal pipes with rubber in the center.
 - It is pressed into the control arm.
 - Shade tree mechanics (like myself) cannot press the bushing out.
 - Place a hack saw through the bushing (most of the innards will be gone)
 - Cut through the outter pipe of the bushing only
 - Do not cut the control arm itself! You can easily make this mistake.
   Do not cut too far!
 - Use a vise-grip and fold the cut bushing. This releases the pressure
   that holds it into the control arm and it'll drop right out.
 - Use a mallet to insert the new bushing making sure the curved top
   goes in the same direction.

I replaced all 4 up front, in an evening.
Hope this helps and of course, your mileage may vary.