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91 V8 Quattro

Well, it looks like I will be getting the A4 manual quattro if they can 
find one in Black with Titanium interior... Therefor my V8 is on the 
block... charcoal grey metalic with platinum leather and 35,000 miles.
FSH naturally, with the new front brakes and a 94 (thicker) steering 
Car is in very good order although should have a new carpet set tobe 

I am not sure what the book is but I would take $22k if anyone is 
interested. The car is in Coral Gables, Florida

ABT Sportsline ( Kempten, Ger) offers an upgrade to 210hp on the A4.. 
but at the moment they will only do the work in Germany... am still 
working on them to be able to do it here.

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