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Re: Quattro Digest V2 #520

Please fix your software so that list messages sent to this clueless subscriber 
of yours are not reflected to the entire list!

Otherwise, *You* are going to get a bunch of mail, as I, in a self-sacrificing 
gesture, intended only to keep you informed of the success or failure of your 
noble efforts, shall forward each of these to you until they stop coming 
unbidden to me.

Thank you in advance,

Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart 

In message <199510271201.AA24262@adinet.analog.com>  writes:
> I'm sorry, but I will be out of the office until Friday, October 27. If you 
> have a DSP applications question, please forward your comments to 
> dsp_applications@analog.com. Thank You -Noam Levine
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