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Re: Audi TTS roadster

On Thu, 26 Oct 1995, Psychos 'R Us wrote:
> And either I read the message too fast or that Halloween is near, I 
> didn't see quattro drivetrain being mentioned. I think the roadster 
> should have one to set it apart from "other" roadsters.

hmm, the paragraph did say that it was based on the TT coupe's quattro
running gear..

since the TT is going to be based on the audi A3, which in turn is
based on the current golf, it will have a transverse engine.. i
wonder how they are going to do 4wd.. it's doable, sure, but would
be a complete departure from their time honored habit of a
longitudinal engine in front of the front axle.

the nov. issue of CAR has a good writeup on the TT concept car. yes, there
are pictures too.  the audi a4 was also nominated in several categories of
their oscar style awards (which they claim are not sponsored and thus
corruption free, unlike other rags)... the a4 didn't win, but it was an
honorable mention.. the jaguar chief engineer of all people, was one of
the judges and he had high praise for both the A4 and the A8 and voted
the a4 as his winner.