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Audi 5000s

I've heard that the cooling system in the 84 5000 was a very poor design, 
I have only had mine overheat once on a way to an important meeting(isn't 
that always the case), but my problem is since I removed my transmission 
to replace leaky seals, I've noticed my temp gauge riding higher than 
normal ( I had to drain the coolant to remove tranny). I replaced the 
thermostat with a lower temp but didn't make any difference, then I 
noticed a small crack in the coolant reservoir where coolant 
was leaking when the engine was hot. Thinking it was just an old tank I 
found another off a 87 and installed it and that same day I noticed that 
this one is starting to buldge at the same place as my old one(right in 
front behind the rad). Is there 
really that much pressure in the system? I ruled out a blown head gasket 
due to no white smoke outta the tailpipe, and the cap hasn't blown yet so 
what gives? can anyone help me? It's not so bad now that it is cooler but 
I want to get this fixed.
					a million thanks 
                                     email: rodmak@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca
85 5000S
More vertical miles
than Horizontal