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Re: Where is temp sender?('87 5000CST)

> From: BrettD516@aol.com
> Date: Sun, 29 Oct 1995 15:59:06 -0500
> I have an 87 500CS Turbo.
> My temperature gauge is not working-if it works, it usually only does so for
> a few minutes.  I think the problem is a loose(or corroded) contact at the
> sender.  However, after looking it up in the shop manual, I couldn't find the
> temp sensor.  Figures 14,17+19 on pg. 90.11 show some area on the engine that
> I am convinced does not exist.  It would be helpfull if someone could
> describe more clearly where the sender is, and the color codes of the two
> wires.  The manual does a very poor job-and it makes references to several
> different sensors, but doesn't distiguish between them.
> Thanks
> Brett

This is more likely that the sender "ist kaputt". Mine have just went
south, '90 100tq. It works up until just below normal temp and then
drops like a stone. It went bad also on the '87t I had. Seems like one
of these annoying weak spots... :-(