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Re: hydraulic valve lifter noise

You may be experiencing exactly what I was.  Check the original post 
RE:Annoying Engine Tapping.  The noise probably isn't your lifters, but 
that vaccuum pump located on the side of the engine.  If you look under 
the hood, you'll see what I'm talking about - It's a little bigger than a 
softball and located right next to either the second or third cylinder 
from the front.  Look under there while you have someone crank the car up 
- the noise should be a little heavier than a lifter.  If this is the 
problem, it's not a real problem.  And I don't think there's an easy fix.

Hope this helps.

Jeremy R. King
1986 VW Quantum GL5
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On Sun, 29 Oct 1995, C. H. Lemon wrote:

> Hello.....
> I've been receiving quattro digest for some time mow.  This, however, is 
> my first posting.
> I have a question that maybe someone could help me with.  I have an '88 
> 90 10V with 104K.  All of the lifters were replaced about 7K ago.  I've 
> noticed lately, ever since the weather has been getting cold again, that 
> the new lifters make that unmistakable "tapping" noise upon start-up when 
> the engine is cold.  The tapping persists for about 10 to 20 seconds then 
> attenuates.  
> Bently and Chilton both state that some lifter noise is normal when the 
> engine is cold.  My question: is the situation I've described considered 
> normal??  Or, did the dealer screw up (which, btw, wouldn't surprise me 
> one bit; avoid Feduke Motors, previously know as Gardner Motors, if you 
> live in the southern tier of NY or northern PA.  Their service department 
> isn't all that great......).
> Any thoughts on the topic will be appreciated.  Thanks.
> A. Romeo
> ----------
> '88 90
> '87 ALFA Milano Platinum
> '76 TR7 (highly modified)