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Re: TQC differential lock system/ HELP!

  Disconnect the clevis from the clamp on the shaft that sticks out from
  the diff. Carefull not to break anything, this stuff gets RUSTY! You
  should now be able to rotate the shaft by hand to lock/unlock the diff.
  Try lifting one wheel off the ground and rotating the axle slightly to
  get things lined up inside OK. Now rotate that shaft backnforth while
  your helper watches the light. The problem is usually a rusted
  clevis/clamp assy. This test will prove that the diff lock and switch is
  OK. Disassemble the clevis/clamp assy, clean off the rust, paint,
  reassemble and coat the whole shebang with some nice synth grease for
  additional corrosion protection. Should now last for years!