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No Subject

>Bently and Chilton both state that some lifter noise is normal when the 
>engine is cold.  My question: is the situation I've described considered 
>normal??  Or, did the dealer screw up (which, btw, wouldn't surprise me 
>one bit; avoid Feduke Motors, previously know as Gardner Motors, if you 
>live in the southern tier of NY or northern PA.  Their service department 
>isn't all that great......).

My .02.  My father bought a car from Feduke quite a long time ago (I know
live in Chicago) and it was guarenteed the worst service/car I have ever
seen.  They lied about an accident the car was in, never fixed anything
correctly, and tried to charge multiple times for 'fixing' the same thing.
They sold the car with cruise control, then, before we could pick it up,
they stole it out of the car.  When we finally got them to put it back in
after discovering it, they NEVER got it working despite sueing them and
taking it back there 5-7 times.

AVOID Feduke Ford in Upstate NY at ALL costs...  I get angry just thinking
about how they treated my father and this was over 10 yrs. ago!