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Need to know the wheel offset for 92' 100

Anthony Chan writes:

>I know there's alot of debate on all seasons tires in these group a while
>back. I just need to ask again about the Yokohama AVS U+4, are they really
>decent in snow? Any other recommendation? I really need good wet traction,
>I live in Seattle and occasionally I drive up to Steven Pass where I will
>encounter snowy condition. 

I have been using AVS U+4's for about 5 years now on different cars (all
year on the 88 90Q); they are a great compromise tire.  I live in the
Washington, D.C. area which gets a full mixture of rain/sleet/ice/snow and
they have worked very well under those conditions.  Actually are OK in dry
also, but don't expect TA-R1-type miracles.  They actually wear pretty well,
also.  IMHO better than the other all-season types I have tried (Comp TA
HR4's, XGT H4's, Eagle GA's, etc.).  If you're only worried about snow the
Hakkis, Pirelli 210P's, and Eagle M&S's have worked best for me depending on
the car (geez, I must have 50 tires in my garage dating back to some old
XWX's that were hot in the early 70's).  As usual just my opinion, and the
same tires work better/worse on different cars..........SLM