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Hoses to replace

Daniel Hussey writes:

>    I am also going to replace the fuel filter soon.  I've heard that the gas
>oline inside is under such extreme pressure that gasoline sprays everywhere whe
>n you start removing it.  But, I've also heard there's a way to relieve some of
> this pressure before removal.  Would any of you know how to do this?

Fuel injected engines have fuel lines that are high pressure (at least
compared to the old 5-10lb or so on carb cars).  The best way I've found to
drain the pressure so you can safely change the fuel filter is to:  1.
start car; 2. disconnect power to electric fuel pump; 3. wait for car to
stop running (it will run out of fuel); 4. change fuel filter!
Disconnecting power to the fuel pump is easy or hard depending on the car;
some have a separate fuse that you can pull (easy); others have so many
other functions on the fuse that pulling it will stop the car before it runs
out of gas (harder).  In those instances you have to find some other way to
separately disconnect power to the pump.  In any case, BE CAREFUL!......SLM

P.S.  I have heard some stories about cars being hard to start after running
out of fuel (you need to prime the lines or something equally painful), but
I've never run across it on any car I've worked on.