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Re: Stereo Upgrades

It is possible to replace those speakers, but you'll be safe to have an 
experienced installer do it.  You have to remove the dash and cut the 
speaker out from underneath.  When I was shoping for a car, I test drove 
an '85 4ks whose owner tried to replace the speakers himself.  He removed 
the grills (forcably) to get at the speakers, and it made the dash look 
completely trashed.  Even if you do get the speakers out, the opening is 
only big enough for 4" speakers.  I assume the tube sub you got does not 
have a high pass crossover, in which case those little 4 inchers would 
still be trying to fire out a full range signal.  I recomend simply 
disconnecting the stock speakers and installing high quality coaxes 
(pioneers are gooduns) or a component set (separate tweeters and woofers) 
in the doors.  It'll take some cutting, but its worth it.  I disconnected 
the 3" full ranges in my jetta and put and a/d/s component set in the 
doors with excellent results.  Just keep the woofer low so the protruding 
magnet structure doesn't get in the way of the windows rolling down.  
Also, you'll need to cover the part of the basket and magnet that's 
facing up, so the speaker doesn't get wet.
	It sounds like you've got the beginnings of a great system.  
Adding larger, high quality 2 ways to the front (at least 5 1/4" dia) 
will greatly improve the sound over the stock speakers, which are utter, 
utter crap.  Good luck, and my you reach sonic nirvana!

Adam Dieckerhoff
Pacific Lutheran University