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New Owner- Introduction- Help w/4000CS

I would like to say hello to members of the group, introduce myself and ask
a few questions about the 1986 4000CS I purchased yesterday.

I am a writer and was recently appointed the Editor-at-Large, which means
that I am a freelancer, responsible for the AUTOtronics (mobile electronics)
for Motor Trend Magazine.  4 pages every month are my responsibility, one
page will deal with new products, another will deal with an OEM system
evaluation, another with an aftermarket installation and the last page will
be a continuation of Sound Advice, a department that was part of AUTOtronics
as a freestanding magazine, and will continue.  It will be more general in
nature, owing to the wide readership of a magazine such as Motor Trend.

BTW, if anyone wants a copy of the step by step instructions from one of my
Scosche installation manual on the correct process fror 1980-87 4000 front
speaker removal, E-mail me at autotronics@aol.com with your snail mail
address and I will send you a copy.  If/when I get a scanner, I can scan it
and post it in any Audi archives on the net.  I owned a Fiero, believe it or
not, before the Audi, and their mailing list is very friendly and their WWW
pages and archives are great.  They were very helpful in keeping my Fiero
going strongl a lot longer than I would have thought otherwise.

If you have general mobile electronics questions, feel free to E-mail me at
autotronics@aol.com.  Due to the volume of mail I receive, I can't promise
that I will use your letter, or answer it, but I will try my best.

My 4000CS is amazingly like new at 150,000 miles and seems to drive great.
Two things that I've noticed in the first 100 miles.  First, on hard right
hand turns, the water temp waring light flickers on momentarily.  Now I know
this is probably just a bad connection somewhere, but if anyone else has
experienced this difficulty, and solved the problem, I would appreciate any

More serious is the second problem. Aprroaching a stop light, de-clutching
the gearbox, the car wants to stall.  The RPMs drop virtually to zero, and
I've already gotten into the habit to blip the gas pedal.  I don't know when
the car last received a tune up, but again, before bringing it in, I thought
that I'd ask members of the group if that had experienced anything similar
and what was done to solve the problem.  

Is there an Audi WWW page that I should know about?  If so, I'd appreciate
the address.  Until then, thanks for letting me join the group and I hope
that I can contribute in the future.

Richard Truesdell
Albuquerque, NM

edf355@indirect.com (personal e-mail)
autotronics@aol.com (mobile electronics e-mail)