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Fog/Driving lights/reply

The dreaded light subject. Here are the rules:

1) Audi lights are a no compromise abortion, prior to 1992, all non Euro spec
should be scrapped.

2) Only full beam Carello/Marchal/Cibie/Bosch 5-6 inch circular driving lights,
which will not survive the supermarket acoustic parking events, can replace a
decent set of headlights - or

3) Replace the OE items with Euro spec lights, with upgraded harness, and
relays. Cost, at least $600 for the pair.

Hey pal, I know, you thought life was cheap, but hey, I know I spent 2 years
rsearching this, and these are the only answers and all it gets you is a BMW 5
series/Golf GTI quality. But then think of it as a lifetime offering to the
Audi gods.