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Re: Where oh where....

> I too am curious, but for a 83 TQC.  I _think_ I know were it is, but the 
> service supplement seem to cover this.

The '83 qtc does not have an electronically controlled air bypass like the 
newer cars, but it does have an electronic module that is called the Idle 
Stabilizer that sits between the ECU and the ignition coil.  
> Also, what controls the stabilizer and the cold start fuel injector on this 
> car?  If it's the computer, which connector number.   THANKS!   ---JCG

The thermo-time switch controls the CS injector.  There is an auxiliary cir-
cuit that pulses the cold start injector when the engine has been cranking 
for an extended period as well.  

You sound like someone who needs a copy of the Mainteneance and Adjustments 
and Introductory Service Training manuals for the QTC.  I have yet to 
deliver on my promise of copies of said documents to Bob DAmato, but if
you send me a snail-mail address, I'll try to remember to put something 
in the mail for you.  (gettin old I guess)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)