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Re: Tokyo Auto Show

>> A Lot of other cool cars that we cannot get over here.  Missing was 
>> Alfa, Fiat, and Lancia.  Alpina and Buggati shared a stand. Alpina had 
>> the new 3 series with a V8 shoehorned into it. That looks fast. 
>> BMW=Roppongi Taxi.
>Come to think of it, has Audi has any plans on W12??

Name: Paul Rivera
E-mail: rivera@rivera.com (Paul Rivera)
Date: 02/11/95
Time: 09:47:24

This message was sent by Chameleon 
As far as I can tell from speaking with the Audi folks last year, they feel that 
the W12 is too expensive as a solution, and the V8 with Turbos or a Superchager is 
a more cost effective solution.  They have a Turbo Diesel V8 that makes 250 Hp 
flying around the test tracks in an A8.  6 Litres per 100 Km at 160 Kmh. Good 
Paul Rivera